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Aside from online gaming, there are various additional things you can do with cryptocurrencies. In this part, we’ll go over some of the options available to you if you want to buy and hold some of these digital currencies.

Purchase Automobiles

If you wind up with a sizable cryptocurrency portfolio, one of the things you may do with it is to buy a car. Rather than turning up and paying with a loan or cash, some automobile purchasers have paid in full with Bitcoin and other alternative currencies. Lamborghinis have become extremely popular among bitcoin millionaires who have made a fortune via their cryptocurrency investments.

There is a long list of vehicle dealerships that will take bitcoins as payment worldwide. Whether you’re looking to buy a new car with cryptocurrency funds or just want to find out which dealerships accept cryptocurrencies, a simple Google search may yield a list of nearby dealerships that accept cryptocurrencies.

Purchase Real Estate

Another alternative is to buy real estate with bitcoin funds. To purchase a house, you’ll need a sizable crypto portfolio, similar to what you’d need to buy a car. However, it has been accomplished, and many real estate dealers worldwide now accept digital currencies as payment. If you want to buy a property with your cryptocurrency, you can use Google to search for properties worldwide that you can buy with it.


You’re not out of luck if your crypto portfolio isn’t yet large enough to buy a house or a car. Another thing you may do with your bitcoin cash is go shopping. Many conventional brick-and-mortar and online stores now accept digital currencies as a means of payment.

Several web merchants accept cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, the bulk of them is tiny businesses that you’ve probably never heard of. Fortunately, a few prominent retailers have moved up to take on the Bitcoin challenge. Expressly, Overstock.com and Etsy.com will accept digital money as a means of payment throughout the checkout process. Unfortunately, at this time, Amazon does not accept cryptocurrency payments.

If you don’t conduct all of your shopping online, you might be able to spend some of your bitcoin earnings at a physical store. Currently, most merchants who accept this payment method are small businesses. However, we anticipate that the number of merchants accepting cryptocurrency payments will continue to rise.

Eat at a Restaurant

Finally, you may use cryptocurrency to pay for your food. Many restaurants worldwide are already accepting cryptocurrencies as a means of payment, similar to brick-and-mortar stores. Using the CoinMap URL provided above, you can find eateries in your area that accept digital money for payment.

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